When working in the health and vitamin industry, it can be difficult to manage a wide range of inventory items while also facilitating customer loyalty programs.

It does more for vitamin and supplement stores than simply checking out customers.

With the long list of inventory, ranging from scannable individual items to weigh bulk items, only Vancouver POS can effectively accommodate to the retailer’s need for real-time inventory, accurate maintenance of sales records, and multiple vendor management.

The Vancouver POS system makes your life and the lives of your customers easier by accelerating checkouts and improving customer service.

Generate brand awareness and repeat business with integrated email marketing, gift cards, and loyalty programs through your Vancouver Point-Of-Sale system.

Some of the major features of our POS System are listed below-

• Scan bar code
• Inventory management
• Email setup for daily and monthly sales reports
• Quick Book integration
• Integration of POS with security cameras
• Employee Clock-In/Clock-Out, Payroll management and Scheduling
• Integrated with payment providers (Debit and Credit Sales)
• Payment collection in international currencies
• Payouts like vendor payout, Cash pullout
• Training mode and production mode
• Customer Loyalty etc
• Multiple Language Support
• Auto Back Up System (Onsite and Offsite)
• Customize access for Employee
• Customer Appointment
• Discount Levels
• Enterprise setup for Multi-Location Franchise chain AND MUCH MORE….

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