Dry cleaning is a service style of business instead of a more traditional sales style. Garments are brought into the premises where they are repaired and/or cleaned. Customers then return to collect their garments after a set amount of time.

Keeping track of what garments belong to which customer is very important. Vancouver POS' strong customer accounts function helps ease the pain as each sale is linked to the customer.

Additional features that are unique to the dry cleaning business is the printing of garment tags for each item to ensure all garments are able to be tracked throughout the process to be returned to the customer together.

Some of the major features of our POS System are listed below-

• Inventory management
• Purchase order and receiving
• Vendor supplied label printing
• Email setup for daily and monthly sales reports
• Quick Book integration
• Integration of POS with security cameras
• Employee Clock-In/Clock-Out, Payroll management and Scheduling
• Integrated with payment providers (Debit and Credit Sales)
• Payment collection in international currencies
• Payouts like Vendor payout, Cash pullout
• Training mode and production mode
• Customer Loyalty etc
• Multiple Language Support
• Auto Back Up System (Onsite and Offsite)
• Customize access for Employee
• Customer Appointment
• Discount Levels
• Enterprise setup for Multi-Location Franchise chain AND MUCH MORE….

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